Hello, everyone!

I’m Brooke Anderson. I currently serve as a teacher specialist in Evaluation, Research, and Accountability for Jordan School District in Utah, a large district serving approximately 52000 students.  I advocate for better data handling and reporting in public schools. I taught middle school and junior high English/Language Arts for fourteen years, then I earned my Masters in Information Systems from the University of Utah.

I am always looking for the intersection of learning and information systems. We have a lot of data in education, and we need to create better information from it.  My goal is to convey data, like assessment scores, to parents and the community without getting too technical or overstating its importance.  For teachers and administrators, my goal is to provide accurate, immediate, and accessible reporting.


Assessment, teaching, data analysis, educational technology, curriculum design & development, writing instruction, reading intervention, developmental spelling, and collaborative leadership.

What’s the blog for?

Many of the posts will be technical, and intended for an audience of education administrators. However, if you are curious about how school districts do, can, and should handle assessment data, this is great place to stop–particularly for my fellow Utahns. Some posts offer technical instruction/assistance at the district, school, and classroom level.

Thanks for stopping by! Come and see me at Twitter, Pinterest, or LinkedIn as well.